Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Asics Running Sneakers

Happy Thursday! Now that I'm about a month in to using my new Asics running sneakers, I figured it was about time I did a quick review of them here on the blog!

As a little bit of background, I suffered from runner's knee shortly after getting into running and being able to run at a distance (you can read more about that in my last fitness post here). 

After resting for about two weeks with lots of elevation and heat (only ice for the 48 hours!), I finally went to a local running store and got fitted for running sneakers by a professional. If you live in the suburbs north of Boston, I cannot recommend The Greater Boston Running Company in Lexington enough.  Another great place to check out is Marathon Sports

The process for getting fitted for sneakers was super easy and SO helpful. I cannot recommend this enough, especially if you are a runner and are feeling aches/pains that may be from your sneakers. I learned the hard way that not all sneakers are meant for running. 

When I first got to the store, I explained my knee issue to the nice guy working on the floor and told him that I had clearly been running in inappropriate sneakers and that I NEEDED help! I told him I had heard from family/friends that Asics were great running sneakers so we decided to start with those. 

Asics has three different styles of running sneakers, all with varying support. I tried out all three on the treadmill in-store (which was amazing). The nice sales guy had an iPad that recorded me running in each individual sneaker and was then able to compare my strides side-by-side. I definitely needed something with more support and decided to go with the middle-of-the-road GT-2000 4 (not so much support that it felt restrictive, but enough to feel  protected from heavy impact).  

I am so happy with my purchase and am also happy to report that I've had zero knee problems since wearing these babies. I'm back up to running 2+ miles (not quite 3 yet though) and am feeling great.

Let the journey to fitness and a healthy lifestyle continue!

Xo, MacKenzie

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