Thursday, September 3, 2015

California Recap

Hi everyone! Long time no chat. These past few weeks have been a little cray cray at the Stevenson household. We were out in California for a week and then came back and started packing up our apartment for the big move. We moved to a great condo and I still can't get over ALL OF THE SPACE WE HAVE. Oh and living like someone in the 21st century with a washer/dryer (sorry mom and dad, no more Sunday trips home to do laundry), dishwasher, and central air (!!!!) has been unbelievable. 

The new place is amazing, but dang, I seriously hate moving. I'm not sure anyone actually likes moving, now that I think about it, but I definitely will be hiring movers the next go around. 

Any who, I've been mean to put a recap post together from our California trip so here goes nothing! We mainly stayed in the LA area, as we were out there for our friend's wedding, and I must say, I definitely enjoyed LA a lot more this time around than I have during past trips. 

We started out our trip in Beverly Hills where we stayed at the The Beverly Hilton for two nights. You guys, this hotel is seriously amazing (oh and it's where the Golden Globes are hosted every year - the first picture below was taken where the red carpet normally is!!)! Seriously so cool. When not taking photos on red carpet (#celebstatus), we spent a lot of time out by the pool, which was a-ok with me. I seriously needed a tan. 

And they had these AMAZINGLY delicious Cosmo Ice Pops that were available pool side. 

Rose bouquets sitting pretty in the lobby.

Took a quick spin to see the Hollywood Sign - a must do when playing tourist!

While still in Beverly Hills, we headed over to see the Urban Lights at the LACMA! I have been DYING to go to this exhibit so you can only imagine how excited I was when I got Kyle to take me there!

Wearing a Loft top, Target pants, and Nine West heels.

One last morning by the pool.

The next morning, we headed over to spend the next day/night in Santa Monica. We stayed at the JW Marriott, which was right on the water and only two blocks away from the Pier - such a great location! We headed to the beach for a little bit that afternoon and then Kyle went off to golf with friends, so I of course did some shopping! I purchased this blouse from Banana Republic and cannot wait to share it on the blog!

We had a pretty low key night while in Santa Monica (dinner ended up being late night at In-and-Out!), but we got up and made our way over to Blue Daisy for breakfast the following day, which was yum yum yummy!

Quick pit stop at the DryBar in Santa Monica to get wedding ready before we left the city!

If you happen to visit this DryBar location, ask for Amy. She is legit amazing!

We pulled over while driving along Pacific Coast Highway (another must-do!) and put our feet in the water and just enjoyed the view! 

Wearing a Loft dress and Jack Rogers sandals. 

The most delicious lemonade we've ever had. Now I understand the hype around this place!

Lazy mornings with bad hotel coffee were also a-ok with me.

Wearing J. Crew shirt and Target pants (literally wore these every other day on our trip!)

Our friends got married at Sherwood Country Club and the views were absolutely breathtaking!! The ceremony and cocktail hour took place on this patio.

Wore this Loft dress to the wedding (I've been waiting to wear this dress forevahhh)! 

We had the best trip and I'm already itching to get back to the west coast! 

**all photos taken via my iPhone 6+ and were shared on Instagram (follow along if you're not already! @mackenziehaley). 

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