Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color Heaven

Pictures of interior designer Margo Ouellette's Vineyard Haven home featured in New England Home Magazine

I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos and couldn't help but share! As a New England girl myself, I'm instantly in love with all things that include pastels, blue hydrangeas, and white colonial houses #duh. What I was really drawn to with Margo Ouellette's home, was the not-so typical inside of this gorgeous home. From the outside, the house screams classic and timeless, almost as if you know a few good stories have occurred within it's walls. Then you step inside and you are totally taken aback and inspired. It's not what you imagine and yet it works SO well. That living room is to.die.for. I never would have thought of combining different pastel-colored couches all in one, on top of bright walls and everything else. It's truly quite amazing, especially how it feels modern, yet still very homey! Talk about major house inspiration!


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