Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Friday guys! Seriously... I really thought this week would NEVER end. It was one of the weeks where everything just seemed to put my stress levels and anxiety on overdrive. All I know is that I desperately need a nice, quiet weekend filled with a lot or R&R and TV watching. I'm sure you can all relate... 


Now enough of my whining... It's basically the weekend! What do you guys have planned? Alongside the R&R and TV watching I plan to partake in, this weekend will be also be filled with a lot of mommy/daughter time, as my Dad and hubby-to-be are both away with friends. You know what they say: When the boys are away, the girls will play! My mom is an Interior Designer and I love to help her out when I can. Tomorrow we're headed to a few fabric and furniture stores to find some fun fabrics and pieces for a little girl's room my mom is currently decorating. Hopefully we'll throw some shopping, maybe some nails, and a girls dinner into the mix! 

Have a wonderful Friday!

Xo, MacKenzie

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