Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bag of the Week: The Jayden

Hello everyone! So I was thinking today about how I nearly never write about my favorite thing - handbags! To say I'm 'handbag obsessed' is an understatement... I could probably buy a new bag once or twice a week (if my bank account permitted). Whether it's while I'm online browsing, window shopping, or just plain old shopping around, the bag section of any store is always my first stop! 

To me, handbags say so much about who you are as person, what you enjoy, what mood you're in, and are a great representation of your own personal style. Since these lovely bags we all own and covet say so much about us, it's time they get their own featured series! Therefore, from here on out, every week I'll be posting a new "Bag of the Week" (this series name may change if I can think of something more creative) that I have my eye on or has just caught my attention. I'm always open to suggestions and comments so please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any bags that you have your eyes on! 

So, to kick off this new series, please meet Jayden:

via Bloomingdales

I've had my eye on this Rebecca Minkoff beauty for weeks now and I'm still lusting over it! It's the perfect structured satchel for everyday use, and in beautiful pastels and bright colors, the Jayden is definitely a 'must have' for Spring and Summer! 

via Bloomingdales
via Zappos

At first, I definitely wanted the Lilac, but now I can't stop thinking about the Poppy Pink after my bestie pointed out that this was also available (here and here)!! For those of you who love this bag but aren't feeling the pastels/bright pink, the Jayden is also available in this super chic Black/Neutral combo:

via Bloomingdales

Oh Jayden... how I must have you! You can find the Jayden at Rebecca Minkoff stores, most department stores (in-store or online), at Shop Bop, Zappos, and more!

What do you think of the Jayden??

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