Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Week in an Insta

And it's Sunday... my how the weekends fly by! I hope you all have had a fun weekend so far and plan to do something great today! I'm going to attempt to do some Spring Cleaning... it's wayyy overdue! 

Just wanted to catch up with you all! My last week has been filled with lots of pink, which I love (see above), and outfit posts, which I hope you all are enjoying! I also discovered a new picture app called PicFX and have thoroughly enjoyed vamping up my Instagram pics with fun new filters! I highly suggest you invest ($1.99) if you're a heavy-duty Instagram user like myself! I also treated myself yesterday to a new bag (not shocking... I know) - my first Tory Burch, I'm very excited! I'm in love with the pale pink color of this bag and the beautiful laser-cut detail, it's perfect for Spring and will transition seamlessly into Summer. I snagged this beauty on sale with the Friends & Family discount at Bloomingdales, which ends TODAY so you all better hop online or run to your nearest stores because it's definitely not something to miss!

For all you ladies out there who are planning to do some shopping today, make sure to check out my Weekend Wish List here to get some inspiration! 

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Have a great day!

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