Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Third Trimester!

Holy smokes. The Third Trimester is already here. I'm not quite sure how this happened! I feel like my Second Trimester was a blur and now every day that goes by, the realization that our little girls will be here oh-so-soon sinks in just a bit more. I cannot wait to meet them and see their cute faces!

Looking back, the Second Trimester was a breeze (other than becoming quite round in my mid-section)! I slept ok, my energy levels came back, and the aches/pain weren't much to write home about. I definitely started to experience some swelling in my calves/ankles -- I'm blaming the summer heat and the fact that I pretty much sit at a desk all day (except to walk to the kitchen or use the restroom... HA). 

Since it's been over two months since my last update (sorry about that everyone!), here's an overview of what's been going on...

I'm 29 weeks along today and the girls are estimated to be the size of pineapples (what?!?). I've been going to the doctors pretty frequently throughout my pregnancy, every 2 weeks or so, which is very common with twin pregnancies. At my 26 week appointment, the girls were measuring on the small size (1 pound, 11 oz and 1 pound, 10 oz), but thankfully both hurdled the 10th percentile in size (10th percentile is the lowest on the range they want the babies to be at in order to ensure development is on track). Given that they hurdled the percentile, I didn't worry too much, as it's ok, some women just have small babes!

At my 28 week ultrasound last week, the girls fell below the 10th percentile, both weighing in at 2 pounds, 1 oz each. This was a bit concerning as no mother wants their babies to fall behind on the growth scale! My OB and I chatted post-ultrasound and she said she was bit worried that the girls weren't gaining enough weight and noted that one of the girl's fluid levels was down from Normal to Low Normal. As any doctor does, she began to prepare me in the event that the girls didn't start to pick up weight on their own. This plan included admitting me to the hospital, giving me two steroid shots, and then delivering the babies.

Woah. S**t just got real. At only 28 weeks and just entering the Third Trimester, I started to really worry. There is no way in hell I was ready to have these babies anytime soon! Thankfully, my OB is great, and I totally trust her. I know we'll do whatever we have to do to get these girls out safe and sound. She suggested I see a High Risk Maternal Fetal Specialist before my next ultrasound to seek a second opinion and to ensure we were all on the same page.

I gladly made an appointment later that week to see the specialist and while I was initially really nervous about it, it ended up totally putting my mind at ease. He was great and assured me there was still plenty of time to get the girl's weights up (woohoo!!) and that his main goal is to get me to 37 weeks (full term)! 

He was actually pretty funny, in that he told me, "I'm going to give you advice that you'll never hear again in your life when you're not in your current state: don't diet, don't workout. Eat a lot of protein and carbs. Find reasons to eat dessert." So.. basically eat all of my favorite foods and don't worry about trying to find ways to exercise? No problemo doc! Obviously the main goal is to get my girls weights up, which means more calories for me. Exerting myself and not eating enough takes nutrients away from them, which is the complete opposite of what we want because let me tell you, I'm trying to let these ladies cook as long as possible in my belly! 

Next steps: Go for my first non-stress test (just to monitor my blood pressure and ensure the girl's heart rates are strong) and another ultrasound next week to check in on development and size (fingers crossed our babes have put on some more weight!). The doctors also want to make sure my blood pressure is getting tracked fairly regularly, in order to keep an eye on signs of hypertension or preeclampsia. 

Weight aside, the girls are developing right on schedule (which also puts us all at ease a bit about the lack of weight gain right now). They both are moving around like crazy, getting strong blood flow through their umbilical cords, and are practicing breathing and swallowing (so crazy that you can actually see this on an ultrasound!). 

Their health is my #1 concern so I'm going to listen to the doctor and just take it easy and not feel bad about eating more fries :)  

More pregnancy updates to come soon and I'm going to write up a few posts on our baby moon to La Quinta, CA -- stay tuned!

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Xo, MacKenzie 

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