Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gender Reveal: We're having.....

It's about time I give a pregnancy update around here! 

I just passed the 18 week mark and am so happy to report that our little babes are growing like weeds and right on schedule! They are already the size of sweet potatoes, which is so crazy to me!

I am also THRILLED to announce we are having.....


I can't deny it... we were both extremely shocked when we found out it was two girls. I was pretty convinced it was going to be one of each and the hubs definitely thought it was two boys, so we both were in a state of shock when we were told otherwise. This shock was immediately replaced with pure joy and happiness! I'm just so thankful that our girlies are growing and are as healthy as can be!

These two little chickies are SO active, it is crazy. My 18 week ultrasound took 2 HOURS because both of them didn't feel like staying still or being in the right positions so that we could get the correct scans! One was doing a headstand while the other was basically doing somersaults. If this is any indication... we're in for it with these two :)  I'm finally starting to feel them move around too, which is wild! It feels like little flutters in your belly, which I'm sure will change to kicks and punches over the next few weeks and months!

Now onto the fun part -- FINALLY being able to shop for them! All I can think about is buying all pink everything, headbands, hair bows, tutus, etc.

Second Trimester Update

I'm excited to finally be able to address our babies (instead of calling them... well, "them"!). We do have some names in mind, but will be keeping that secret for now! 

I'm really starting to gain weight and am SO hungry all of the time. These girlies are relentless and if I don't eat every 3 hours or so, I get extremely light headed and dizzy. Needless to say, I'm keeping our girlies fed! I haven't had any strange cravings, but just always want my favorite foods! Give me all the fries please :)

My body is really starting to change, which is scary and fascinating all at once. Physically, my belly has finally popped and I definitely feel like I look pregnant. This is nice since up until the last couple weeks, I always felt like I just looked super bloated all the time. If I'm tracking it correctly, I've gained about 8 pounds since my first OB appointment at 10 weeks, which I think is pretty good! We're aiming for gradual weight gain here :) I've been using this belly cream on my growing belly and I LOVE it. It's important to keep your skin really hydrated because as your skin starts to stretch, it's gets really dry, cracked, and so so itchy! I've noticed this is even more amplified for me as I already have pretty bad eczema from head to toe. Plus, I'm trying to prevent stretch marks as much as possible (Duh!). 

No major swelling anywhere yet (hallelujah!).  However, these hormones are no joke my friends.  My skin has been on quite a roller coaster ride and it's been difficult for me to keep up with it. I was lucky growing up and never really had to deal with acne (just the occasional breakouts). Now, I feel like I'm chasing zits all over my chin and cannot keep up (TMI, I know.. but just keeping it real for you all). The aches and pains have started to come, but nothing to complain about yet.

All I want to do is sleep... growing human beings is hard work! Most nights I'm able to zonk out, but I have started to get up numerous times during the night to go to the bathroom, which is really quite annoying.

 We're starting to think about setting up the nursery, but haven't actually done anything yet. I do want to try and get this done on the early side though, as I know it's very typical for twins to arrive early. 

I think it's time to cave and finally buy some maternity clothes. I think I can make do with non-maternity dresses and tops for a while yet, but bottoms... well hell, that's a whole other story. NOTHING fits. Like nothing. I did finally cave and buy this belly band, which has SAVED me these past few weeks. However, at this point, I literally can't even zipper my pants, let alone button them. Ugh. I just can't deny it anymore... I'm getting bigger and bigger and my jeans are say "boy bye!"

Stay tuned for more updates!

Xo, MacKenzie