Sunday, May 29, 2016

And then there were.... FOUR!!

It feels quite surreal finally being able to write this, and pretty terrifying and exciting all at once, but Kyle and I are SO thrilled to announce we are pregnant! 

With TWINS!!! 

This has been the hardest secret to keep EVER. I wanted to tell everyone the minute I found out I was pregnant, but obviously knew better. 

I found out I was pregnant the night before we left for our week long trip to Grand Cayman (you can read a recap of that trip here)! Like at 11pm the night before we had an 8am flight. Talk about a whirlwind. I was SO SO SO shocked when the test read positive with two very distinct pink lines, mostly because I had taken one only a few days prior and it had been negative! After I saw the results, I literally ran out of the bathroom, holding up the test and not so quietly yelped, "OMG, it's positive!" You can only imagine Kyle's confusion as he had no idea I was even taking a test (oops!). 

After a lot of shock and aw, I started crying and he swooped me up in a big hug. I will definitely say nothing can prepare you for the feelings that come after reading it (whether you're trying to get pregnant or not). I was so excited and then instantly scared out of mind (that's normal, right?). 

Since we were leaving the next morning bright and early, we finished packing for our trip and tried to get some shuteye. I barely slept a wink, though. Far too much was flowing through my mind at the thought of becoming a parent was all too consuming.

The next day, we jetted off on our tropical vacation with friends. We ended up telling them the big news on the first day of our trip, mostly because I had turned down far too many drinks for Day #1 in the sun and it was starting to look suspicious!  I'm actually very thankful we found out before we left because we were able to relax and freely talk about it while enjoying some fun in the sun. If we had stayed home, it would have been back to work and keeping the secret from the get-co. 

Fast forward a month or so, I had my first ultrasound at just about 9.5 weeks pregnant (this is normal - you are typically seen between 8-10 weeks!). Kyle came with me and we were both SO anxious. All I cared about was seeing and/or hearing a heartbeat (wasn't really sure what would happen at the first appointment). 

I was so excited when the PA rolled a portable ultrasound into my exam room because WE WERE GOING TO SEE THE BABY! Once we started, I was having a difficult time seeing the ultrasound just because of my position laying down on the table. Almost immediately, the PA made this "Ohhh!" sound to which, of course, the both of us instantly said "What! What's wrong??" and she said, "Well, it looks like there are two babies in there!"

Woah. Two? HUH? Excuse me? Say that again?!

I instantly started laughing, because honestly, how else do you react?? Then I started crying because, you know, hormones and it's all just SO emotional. Kyle was in SHOCK and then he squeezed my hand with all the love and support I needed. I knew then we'd be all right, no matter what.

The PA was able to see one heart beat very clearly on the portable ultrasound, but the other was a bit more difficult to locate, so we headed over to the Radiology department for a clearer ultrasound. Once we got settled there and the ultrasound began, there were two very distinct little babies in there, moving around like crazy (one even looked like it was waving at us!) and both with strong heart beats. Insert more waterworks. I'm pretty sure I cried all day. I was just so thankful that they were both measuring where they should be at around the 10 week mark (just over an inch long) and had strong heartbeats!

We are just so excited to have two little bugaboos coming our way before the year is out! 

First Trimester Recap

Morning sickness? Thankfully none! I really only felt nauseous when I didn't eat frequently (like every two to three hours!). However, I had severe fatigue. ALL. THE. TIME. Zero energy and just felt like I could nap all day (and I'm NOT a napper). I'm looking forward to my energy levels coming back in the Second Trimester (this is what I've heard happens, at least!). I've missed working out and staying up past 10 oclock HA!

Am I showing? Yes! I started showing on the early side (mostly I just looked bloated though!). I have read that you can start showing early when carrying twins so I bet my belly will pop any day now (and think it may already be on its way)! My clothes are starting to not fit well (so annoying) and I basically hate everything in my closet. I feel as if it's too early to feel this way?? I have a LONG way to go! I am, however, looking forward to actually looking preggers (rather than just feeling bloated and yucky). 

Are we finding out what we're having? HECK YES. I want to know asap. We already have names in mind and I would like to start planning color schemes and such for the nursery, clothes, etc. I applaud all parents who stick it out and wait to find out, but I am just not someone that can do it. Wayyyy to Type A over here. Plus, I love the idea of being able to call them by name while they're still in my belly!

Cravings? Nothing too weird yet, but definitely anything salty! As if I needed another reason to eat more french fries :) 

How did we tell our families? We bought a little T-Shirt while in Grand Cayman for my parents that read "I love my Mommy and Daddy, but I love my Grandma and Grandpa more." Cheesy, I know, but it got the point across and the best we could do on short notice! We gave it to them as a "gift" the night we got back and they FREAKED out (this was before we even knew it was twins!). We face-timed both of our sisters to tell them and they were beyond excited! It's so fun to see everyone's reactions!

How far along am I? I am currently just over 12 weeks along and feeling great! Both babies are still measuring perfectly and are extremely active in my belly! At our last ultrasound, one was literally jumping around in there (if this is any indication, I'm in big trouble when they're older!). 

Do we have twins in our families? Yes! My mom has two on her side of the family and Kyle has more than a few on his. In hind sight, we definitely should have known it was a big possibility that we could have them. The weird thing is that my mom was pretty convinced it was twins early on... how do mom's know these things?! Will I gain this psychic knowledge?? 

What is your due date? December 8th! 

I hope everyone is ready for a lot of bump pics and baby things in the months to come!

Xo, MacKenzie