Monday, January 18, 2016

Chic Athletic Wear

Now that I've been hit with the workout bug, I can't stop browsing around for new workout clothes and accessories! I think my motivation kicks up a notch when I like what I'm wearing, so cute work out clothes are essential. I'm a big fan of colorful sneakers and fun leggings to run in! The more color the better! 

I've decided it's finally time to invest in a Fitbit! I've heard the best things about this model and I really want to be able to track ALL of my exercise and movements throughout the day. While I wish the Fitbits' came in a better colors (HELLO, girls need options and this one needs a gold one to match her watches), I think I can make do with the navy :) 

I'm also in the market for a good gym bag. I really really want to get this MZ Wallace tote for this purpose -- it's cute, practical, and large enough to carry all of my crap! My best friend suggested that I set some workout goals and once I reach them, I should treat myself to the bag. I LOVED this idea. So my big goal is that once I'm able to run 5 miles, I'm buying this beauty! My bestie also suggested to start doing yoga once a week as it really helps with stretching (and stretching is key!). How freaking cute is this yoga mat? It looks like a pink Persian rug...  so, yup, I'm sold! 

Links to the item's pictured above:

Here's to a happy, healthy, and chic 2016! 

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