Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A little bit about me!


Guys, today is my 25th birthday! I'm feeling a little old, which I know is ridiculous because I'm not old at all... but 25 is definitely a milestone year. In honor of my 25th, and in hopes of sharing a bit more about myself with you all, here are 25 things about me!

  1. Born and raised a Bostonian, and love my city to pieces.
  2. Country music is my favorite, but you will find quite an eclectic collection of music on my iPod (yes, I still have my classic black & white iPod that I got as a 16th birthday present).
  3. I love love love Broadway shows and musicals. Love. 
  4. I am allergic to just about any and everything.
  5. I also have asthma and really bad eczema... we call that the trifecta around here!
  6. My favorite food is french fries – I can NEVER say no to them!
  7. Fall is my favorite season – any excuse to wear comfy sweaters with ankle pants are fine by me.
  8. My favorite thing to buy is handbags. I’m addicted. And it’s a problem (but, only for my wallet)!
  9. However, I’ve recently become quite a shoe person and also have quite an extensive necklace collection. If you can’t tell… accessories are kind of my thing… 
  10. I lived in NYC for a year right after college – a better job opportunity opened up back in Boston and I jumped on in, but there are many days where I miss NYC life!
  11. Speaking of jobs… I’m a commercial lender by day and blogger by night.
  12. I’ve been with my fiancĂ© for over 9 years – since freshman year of high school – and we’re getting married a week before our 10 year anniversary! 
  13. I have a French Vanilla iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts every day, without fail.
  14. I love a good monogram, but really, who doesn’t?!
  15. I am that person that always sings while listening to music in the car. Sorry I’m not sorry.
  16. I love to go to the movies and would go numerous times a week if I could.
  17. My style icons are Blair Eadie, Olivia Palermo, and Miraslova Duma.
  18. Favorite candy is Sour Patch Watermelons – can’t beat ‘em. Oh, and candy corn! I love candy corn.
  19. I have a thing for lists and color-coding just about everything.
  20. I, pretty much, only wear gold jewelry and I love over-sized watches.
  21. I studied abroad in England my junior year of college and was able to travel all around Europe with great friends - it was the best experience of my life! 
  22. My favorite nail color is Essie ‘Blanc’ and I am pretty much incapable of painting my own nails.
  23. I am terrified of all insects. Seriously terrified. 
  24. My favorite colors are pink, light blue, and white. And leopard... because that counts, right?!
  25.  Art history was my favorite class in college - I never get sick of admiring beautiful impressionist paintings! 

Hope you all have a great day!

Xo, MacKenzie 

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