Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dress: Target (super old) // Shoes: Target // Bag: A.L.C // Watch: MK // Sunnies: Karen Walker

This shirt dress has always been a favorite of mine. I've had it for literallyyyy years (I can't even actually remember when I bought it) and is super versatile - last seen here on the blog! I am one who believes the shirtdress is a classic that every woman should have in her closet. I am always looking for other options, this is my go-to for sure. This leopard bag, which I'm not sure I've really showcased on the blog yet, is a newer purchase and I am obsesseddd. It was quite a splurge (even with the 25% off I received), but it was worth every penny. The structure is amazing and the calf-hair... well, need I say more? It comes with a strap too, so if I'm not in the mood to carry it, I can just throw it on as a satchel. 

I paired this outfit with nude slingbacks (also from Target) to create an overall neutral look (after all, leopard is a neutral, right?!). 

Xo, MacKenzie

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: SO. MUCH. TO. DO.

via Style Me Pretty
While our wedding is still about 10 months away, I am literally plagued with stress. When you start thinking about what you want your wedding to look like, you obsessively begin scrolling through Pinterest (let's be honest... it's not like I didn't do that before we got engaged!) and blogs like Style Me Pretty (the best!) to get ideas. It's really fun and exciting because you really do start envisioning what you want for the big day - how it will look, feel, and hopefully encompass the two of you perfectly. HOWEVER, when this dream wedding becomes a reality that you actually have to start PLANNING (not just staring googly-eyed at beautiful pictures online) and purchasing items and hiring vendors to create this picture-perfect day... holy crap guys, it's exhausting and terrifying! 

Right after we got engaged, the two of us jumped right into planning. We quickly found our dream location, photographer, florist, and entertainment - and damn, it felt good! I thought we were totally ahead of the curve. However, now I am not feeling so great, as things are really beginning to pile up and it's hard to manage everything while working full time (I'm sure you all catch my drift!). I know I am not the only bride-to-be that feels or has felt this way, which does make me feel better, but the to-do list is getting LONG folks and it's time that I stop b**chin' and start to plannin! 

I would love to hear from you guys on how you managed all the planning while still going about your day-to-day. I'm open to any help or suggestions I can get!

Xo, MacKenzie

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brand Spotlight | Goodnight Macaroon

Top Row: Shirt // Shirt // Jacket
Bottom Row: Dress // Skirt // Dress 

How am I JUST discovering Good Macaroon?? I had noted a few other bloggers wearing their clothes and was pretty obsessed, so of course, I had to wander on over to their site. Holy moly. I want EVERYTHING - theres stripes, florals, islets, bows, embroidery... ughhh it's all so. good. I am dying over that embroidered jacket and I am thissss close to snatching up that blue and white striped dress and the cute striped top. Looks like I am about to buy the whole collection... oops! If you're looking for a new brand I highly recommend checking out their site - I promise you won't regret it! If you do head over, let me know what you're loving!

Xo, MacKenzie

Monday, July 28, 2014

Floral Smock Dress

Dress: ASOS (on sale!) // Sneakers: Keds // Bag: Tory Burch (old) // Watch: MK // Sunnies: Ray-Ban

I love this smock dress. Not only because it's super cute (at least I think so!) but it is SO comfy. It's meant to be oversized and loose fitting, which is perfect for days where it's too hot out or I feel gross and have zero intention of wearing anything that is tight fitting! I wore this to work on casual Friday with my white Jack Rogers, but I can only see myself wearing it with a fun floppy hat and gladiator sandals. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Xo, MacKenzie

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Elements of Glow

found via Tumblr

When I stumbled upon this picture while browsing my Tumblr feed, I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I read this list and my first thought was wow, that's incredible and so true. My afterthought was holy crap, I really need to do more of these. Living a healthy life is crucial in having that "glow" we're all looking for. A glow that says to the world "Hey, I'm happy, healthy, and at peace with the person I am:. 

Now it's definitely difficult to be all of these fourteen things, especially at once (this IS real life we're talking about!), but even if you are able to incorporate maybe a combination of a few of these things into one day, your glow will be with you all the time. 

There are a few things on this list that I know I need to work more on making a priority in my day to day life. #2 is definitely one of them - it's not for lack of trying, but my sleep has been less and less and more restless the past few months (and its killing me!). I contribute this a lot to stress and anxiety - maybe more effort towards #5 and #10 (slim chance this happens as I'm the definition of a #worrywart) could help with this?  Maybe learning to meditate in some form or another would help ease my worry and allow me to sleep.. something to think about! I know I could definitelyyy use more exercise too. I've been trying to make more of an effort to do this (hell I have a wedding dress I need to look damn good in next year!), but after long work days, it's hard to get motivated. I know i know.. #excusesexcuses. 

Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be working on making myself more of a priority! Do you find that you struggle with any of these elements that give you that "glow"? I would love to hear from you guys!

Xo, MacKenzie

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sheer Gingham

Shirt: COS Stores // Skirt: ASOS // Belt: Target // Flats: Target // Bag: Mansur Gavriel // Sunnies: Karen Walker

I recently discovered COS (through my Twitter feed, actually) and I am SO happy I did. They are a European brand that recently started shipping goods to the US (yay!). Their approach to style is simple and classic while incorporating modern silhouettes. If you're looking for a new place to shop, I highly suggest it, as I really love this sheer checked shirt I bought (I've already worn it several times!). Some of my other favorites from their collection is this dress, this top, this skirt, and these shorts!   

Be sure to check out their site!

Xo, MacKenzie 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Color Heaven

Pictures of interior designer Margo Ouellette's Vineyard Haven home featured in New England Home Magazine

I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos and couldn't help but share! As a New England girl myself, I'm instantly in love with all things that include pastels, blue hydrangeas, and white colonial houses #duh. What I was really drawn to with Margo Ouellette's home, was the not-so typical inside of this gorgeous home. From the outside, the house screams classic and timeless, almost as if you know a few good stories have occurred within it's walls. Then you step inside and you are totally taken aback and inspired. It's not what you imagine and yet it works SO well. That living room is to.die.for. I never would have thought of combining different pastel-colored couches all in one, on top of bright walls and everything else. It's truly quite amazing, especially how it feels modern, yet still very homey! Talk about major house inspiration!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Colorblock Maxi

Shirt: J. Crew // Maxi: ASOS // Sandals: Sam Edelman // Bag: Mansur Gavriel // Necklace: BaubleBar // Sunnies: Karen Walker

I am really loving this maxi skirt! I snagged it on sale from ASOS this past week and am so happy with it! It's super comfy and it actuallyyyy fits, and by that, I mean its a good length and I don't trip over it (hallelujah!!!!). #shortgirlproblems

On another note, I apologize for my hair in these pictures. The humidity has been OUT OF CONTROL and I can't tame the frizz. HELP! Anyone have any good hair products for curly hair that attracts humidity like a moth to a flame? Suggestions are much appreciated!

Hope you have a great start to the week!

Xo, MacKenzie

Friday, July 18, 2014

Laid Back in my Nike Kicks

Dress: Loft (old) // Shoes: Nike (old) // Bag: Mansur Gavriel // Sunnies: Karen Walker

I forgot how much I love these sneakers! I was rummaging around my closet at my parents house, and under a dress that without-a-doubt fell off a hanger months ago and was never picked up, there they were! #winning 

Also, I seriously cannot get enough of my Mansur Gavriel tote! I've wanted one for a while, but as most of know, they've been sold out everywhere. I literally jumped for joy when they started selling their bags on their own site - HALLELUJAH! I didn't hesitate in the slightest to buy this beauty. I went with black, as I thought it was appropriate for all occasions and would carry me throughout the seasons. The ballerina color inside softens the look and doesn't take away from the timeless style. The arrival of this bag was another #winning moment! I haven't stopped using it since it arrived at my office. If you're on the fence or considering to purchase an investment bag, I would definitely recommend a Mansur Gavriel bag!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm headed back up to NH for some major cleaning and a little relaxation. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

Xo, MacKenzie 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Color Love | Powder Blue

pictures via

Inspired by the beautiful blues that strutted down the runway at Elie Saab's Fall 2014 Couture runway show, now I am fully drawn to all things beautiful and blue! I rounded up my some favorites to share with that I am currently loving!

Hope you have a great day!!

Xo, MacKenzie 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ruffled Tank

Tank: ASOS // Denim: Target // Shoes: J. Crew (old) // Clutch: American Apparel // Earrings: Lisi Lerch // Sunnies: Karen Walker 

I love this new tank! It's super soft and I love that its a bit oversized - keeps me cool and comfy.  I wore this outfit out to dinner with Kyle and my mom last weekend. I added a pair of heels to dress it up a bit, but I also picture myself wearing this with jean shorts and cute sandals. 

Hope you have a great day!

Xo, MacKenzie

Monday, July 14, 2014

B&G Designs

Happy Monday everyone! If you're a frequent visitor of this blog, then you know I love me some bows (as seen here, here, and here for starters). And since I love bows so much, I wanted to highlight a new company, B&G Designs, which offers great hair ties, headbands, and bows. The hair ties and headbands come in fun colors and cool designs - I especially am loving the lace headbands (below)! 

lace headbands
Pastel Hairties

And now on to the bows of course! They come in different colors and designs, as well as fun seasonal options (this one would have been perfect for the 4th... must get it for next year!)! 

Spring Fling

Tea Party

But my favorite part about the bows, is that you can personalize them with your initials (you know what they say... when in doubt, monogram it!) and in your choice of color. I'm not sure it can get better! 

Be sure to head on over to their website to check out the awesome collection!

Have a great day!

Xo, MacKenzie

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fab Finds Friday vol. 7

Happy Friday folks!! Just wanted to say a quick hello and wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead! I'm headed up to NH with Kyle for what I hope to be a relaxing weekend filled with boat lounging and basking in the sun. #toughlife

Have a great one!

Xo, MacKenzie 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture


Rest of the collection ain't to shabby either! ha... that's an understatement, as Valli killed it with his Fall 2014 Couture collection. It is the epitome of modern elegance. Let's just look at some pretty frocks and pretend that we'll be able to wear such things someday!

* all photos via

Xo, MacKenzie