Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Princesses Wear Plaid Too

Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1977. [via]

I was reading the WSJ Fashion section today (and yes... that does exist!) and stumbled upon an article about this picture taken of Princess Caroline of Monaco in her early 20's. How beautiful is she?! I love everything about this picture - a young royal, just at the beginning of making a life for herself, relaxing at home on the couch and looking super chic in tartan and stacks of gold bangles. This picture is stunning. She is stunning. And this outfit, you guessed it, is stunning. The author of the article says it best: 

"The scene—the princess sitting barefoot, reading with her terrier, Tiffany, by her side—catches a last fleeting moment of girlhood. In a way, so does her very pink plaid shirt. With a pope collar and a double row of buttons, the raspberry tartan is at once rebellious and chaste. The shiny taffeta hints at the formal dresser she'd become, and elevates the casual style to more regal status."
-- Alexa Brazilian, WSJ

 It's amazing how much one picture can say! I find myself staring at this and admiring her, and not just for her amazing sense of style, but her poise, grace, elegance, and attitude that shine through. Not to mention, I love me some plaid and it's nice to see princesses wear plaid too, because what girl doesn't want to feel like a princess every once and a while?! I feel like I must go find a taffeta plaid shirt now... I'll be on the hunt! 

You guys can read the rest of the WSJ article here!  

Hope you all had a lovely day, happy reading! Xo 

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