Saturday, January 12, 2013

Style Inspiration - McKenna Bleu

Hello Everyone! Hope your weekends are off to a great start! 

So as my quest to find more blogs for inspiration continues, I have stumbled upon another one that I LOVE: McKenna Bleu's blog. McKenna's blog is filled with amazingly preppy, glam, and fabulous outfits that she masterly puts together.  I seem to love them all, but here are some of the best (in my opinion, of course!):

Whether it be plaid, sparkle, tweed, dots, or tulle, McKenna has a flawless way of incorporating these different materials together and adding the perfect accessories to go with them... definitely a style inspiration for any fashionista out there! 

What do you think of McKenna's fashion sense!?

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  1. This is SO sweet of you!!! Thank you so much love!! xoxo McKenna