Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Found Our Christmas Tree

We took the girls to Honey Pot Hill Orchards to pick out our Christmas Tree this weekend and it was just SO much fun. This day happened to also be our first snow fall, so needless to say, it really was a magical day. The girls loved the snow and were troopers the whole time, even with it being so cold and wet outside. 

Now that we have our tree, I feel like I'm FINALLY getting in the Christmas spirit. Life has been so hectic that Christmas has sadly been a second thought until now. I can't wait to get the stockings up, the tree decorated, and presents wrapped! Oh and to watch Elf and The Grinch 134597348 times!

Girls' outfits: Patagonia Jackets (similar here) // UGG boots // Carter's Pants and Mittens 

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Xo, MacKenzie

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Apple Picking with Kamik

The girls and I were lucky enough to be invited to an event at Lookout Farm a few weekends back with Kamik, a new-to-me outdoor boot company based in Canada. The afternoon was filled with apple picking, eating hot apple cider donuts (the girls LOVED them), and previewing Kamik's winter boots and rain boots for men, women, and children. I love that all of the boots are not only cute, but durable and weather appropriate. This New England girl is always looking for boots that will get her through the cold (and typically very long) winters!

My mom came along with me (literally takes 4+ hands to keep up with these two babes!) and we had the best time walking around the farm, which is AMAZING, by the way. If you have not been before, please add it to you Fall To Do list next year! The orchards go on forever (you have to take a little train to get around the orchards) and offer a variety of different apples and peaches. The walkways are also covered with grape vines, which were GORGEOUS. 

Please note Charley's excitement about the apple and Maddy's "stink" face! These kids kill me.

And her "Stink" face makes another appearance... oye! 

There's also some farm animals and kid areas with bouncy houses -- definitely a place for those of all ages. I can't recommend it enough!

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Xo, MacKenzie 

Monday, October 23, 2017

This is ONE: Happy Birthday Charley and Maddy!

Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful baby girls! 

I can't even believe these girlies are ONE. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this. Honestly, how do I make time stop? Has anyone had success with this yet? :)

Funny Story: I had a total mom fail when trying to hang these O N E balloons. I blew them up fine, but then I was attempting to put the string through the little holes on the letters and totally ripped the top part of the "N" (hence why it's looking a little sad in these pictures ha!).  I then frantically tried to tape it back together and continuously kept trying to re-inflate it... gah such a fail. Hopefully it's not that noticeable LOL

I couldn't help, but do two little photoshoots with them. I just have way too much fun dressing them all up <3 Make sure to check out the bottom of the post to read an update on the girls! Apologies in advance for the plethora of photos :) 

Not sure how I got them to keep these crowns on during this, but I am NOT complaining!  

I also learned during this shoot that Charley is TERRIFIED of balloons! Everytime she saw this 1 balloon, she would start hysterically crying and crawl away from it as fast as she could (picture below now explained). I think it was more so the size of the balloon (at least I hope so), as it was definitely a big balloon (much bigger than her!). 

This is ONE:
  • Maddy has at least 6 teeth and Charley has 5!
  • These girls love to laugh -- they find everything hysterical -- and my favorite thing is that they have two VERY different laughs. Charley's is a bit more high-pitched and Maddy's is straight from the belly (deep and loud)! 
  • Charley is secretly walking all by herself (she only does it when people aren't watching though -- almost like she is camera shy!) and Maddy stands up all by herself, but no steps yet. You can tell she is thinking SO hard on how to make those steps happen, but she's just not quite there yet. 
  • Both ladies love to dance, especially to Tay Tay, but Charley does this funny shoulder move when she's sitting down - it seriously cracks me up!
  • They both wave hello and goodbye, and we're working on blowing kisses and high fives.
  • They both say "mama," "dada," "ba-ba," (aka their bottles or "bubbas") and "ya-ya" (what they call my mom!). 
  • Maddy is extremely sassy and is already starting to push my buttons (I am in DEEP trouble with this one). Most recently, she loves to take a big sip of water from her sippy cup, spit it right back out, and then does this somewhat of an evil laugh... Lord help me! 
  • Charley is definitely my sensitive girl and is she beginning to develop jealous tendencies! If we pick Maddy up and we don't pick her up immediately after, she starts to squeal and whine. My goodness, I'm in for it with these two! 
  • We are pretty much all done with baby food! Charley is a much better eater than Maddy -- Charley consumes any and all food, where as Maddy is a bit more selective. Maddy is also the slowest eater and definitely one of those babies that likes to hoard food in her cheeks. 
  • We have their first year doctor's appointment next week so I will have a stats update then, but my girlies are definitely little peanuts, as they are still in mostly 6 month clothes!

We love these little girls more than anything in the world! I still cannot believe it's been one year since they came into our lives. It's definitely been the best (and most difficult) year of my life!

Outfit details
Dresses: Carters // Crowns: Kichiqueen // Balloons: O N E and 1